A Rainbowl of FUN!!! 🌈

Most of the time, salad is a little costly here in the Philippines. Which often give a stereotypical definition for them as a “health remedy exclusively for rich people.” Truth time; they were NEVER expensive. It was just in the mind wherein we all thing that a salad plate costs a lot of money as you purchase them on restaurants or at the salad bars of various supermarkets. But basically, you can actually replicate your own version at home and wouldn’t even cost you more than USD10 (PHP500) per serving. The fun part is that that certain budget could actually last for about a week and a half, if you have a lot of alternatives in mind and wise spending strategies that could still be able for you to enjoy delicious bowls of salad.



Sometimes, you don’t have to be a martyr of eating just plain vegetables. Occasionally, you can throw in your favorite protein of your choice just to heavy things up a bit. For this one, I added a chunk of tuna which happens to be very rich in Omega 3. I fry this in olive oil, so it’s still good fat. But for this kind of fish, a microwave turbo will be your new best friend for this one. Season your meat/fish with salt cayene pepper, rosemary and turmeric powder and give it a good roast for about 30-45 minutes in a pre-heated oven. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot just to achieve this light meal. Sometimes, the cheaper leafy greens that you see in supermarkets are the ones that has more healthy benefits.

A clean sheet…

Hey!!! You there; yes,YOU!!!

Thank you very much for taking a view on my very first post. And since you are starting to read word by word of this journal, allow me to officially introduce you to my daily bits of salad making. I just recently started making salad dishes a few months ago. It is a newly built passion that apparently enjoys me, as I experiment on which fruits, vegetables and dressings must I add on my menu. This is to inform you that I am no professional in this craft. I mostly just dump and toss whatever looks good to me, making sure that it will still be edible and pleasant to everyone’s eyes. At first, I was assuming that I was just making a fool of myself. Until a few people were fond and apparently a fan of whatever salad I make on that day.

I am both excited and anxious on how will this come out. But with or without followers, I will keep on posting with hopes of inspiring a reader or two. Thank you very much and have a salad-ific day!!!